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While You Were Out Fans [entries|friends|calendar]
While You Were Out Fans

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[25 Feb 2006|12:49pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Did anybody catch Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp this week on TLC? It was hosted by Evan Farmer.
I didn't get to watch all of it,just the beginning,it seemed kind of interesting.
The place where it was filmed S I R is right up the street from apartment in Hollywood. So that was pretty cool.

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WYWO Cancelled? [21 Feb 2006|02:21pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

There's a rumor floating that WYWO has been cancelled. The story is that they will finish shooting scheduled homes and air everything in the can, but no new episodes to be filmed after what's already booked. Anyone hear anything about this? I picked this up on the Television Without Pity Boards from someone who says she e-mailed Mark Montano. I've not checked the TLC site yet, but as poor as they are with updating things, it could be years before the acknowledge it.

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[13 Jan 2006|04:39pm]

Hi, my name is Mike. I just joined but I'm a longtime WYWO fan.

I hope this isn't too forward of me to ask, but...Collapse )
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Mark Montano's other show [25 Aug 2005|04:40am]

[ mood | drained ]

Mark is the new host of TLC's 10 Years Younger,which starts next week!

When I was in LA in June,my friend and I were filmed for the show and I am so excited for it to air. Well not really as I was in my grubbies and wore no makeup because we were on our way to my friends apartment she was moving into that day.
They filmed it at the mall in Hollywood on Hollywood Blvd. and Highland. I am not sure if that is where they will continue to film or not. In the past they did it at the 3rd St. Promenande in Santa Monica and at LAX.
Mark was so surprised when I walked and shook his hand,addressing him by name. I explained that I was a WYWO fan,which made him smile.

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[21 Jul 2005|07:23pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Hi I'm new. My name is Corey, I'm from Southwestern, PA and I absolutely love WYWO! I can't get enough of that show! I adore Evan, he's such a cutie! I love when they do the quiz thingies on there too. I thought it was awesome when they combined WYWO with WNTW. Two great shows in one.

Can't wait to get to know more about everyone here! :)

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[08 Jun 2005|01:05pm]

I met Mark Montano,who is the new host of TLC's 10 Years Younger. We were walking through the mall at Highland and Hollywood Blvd and we stopped to watch them film,because I enjoy the show and they asked my friend and I if we wanted to do it. Me being the sucker I am for that kind of stuff agreed,even though I was in my grubbies because we were moving that day.

I greeted Mark by name and he looked surprised and asked how I knew his name,I said I was a WYWO fan,he smiled. He is so short!
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[07 Apr 2005|08:32pm]

does anyone know anything about Discovery Network Upfronts? because evan is gonna be on it april 12th and its in chicago. sorry to sound dumb, but is it something people can go to? if so id like to go. or is it just a tv show?

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[28 Mar 2005|08:53pm]

i just recently joined this community. i became a fan of WYWO by watching the reruns every day. when are the new ones on?

also, in the new ones is mark still on? i havent seen anyone mention him in a while, i really like him a lot.

oh, and i think andrew is much better than jason! :)
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Evan's Hair [03 Mar 2005|09:28am]

Haven't posted in forever, I too keep missing the show because of new day... I finally caught an episode last night( the room called 12)...
What is up with Evan's hair? I liked it better short, not so crazy about the whole grunge look either. Still love the show, still love Evan, and the entire crew.. just think the hair is a bit over the edge... ah but the eyes...
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Love that show! [18 Feb 2005|10:16pm]

I love WYWO...I have been watching that show now more regularly. The whole cast is so funny...especially Evan...but combined, they are hilarious..It's one of me and my mom's fav's.

I'm happy I found this community, and some others tonight. I will post more later...:)

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Yesterday's ADJ shirts [01 Feb 2005|01:02pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

I love ADJ and his shirts.

Day one: "I eat glue."

Day two: "Normal People scare me."

And the episode where he wore the Cookie Monster shirt. I squeaked with happiness. *le sigh*

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evan on TV [19 Jan 2005|11:11pm]

evan is on the i love the 90s part deux show on VH1 this week. :) i know he was on last night and he'll probably be on future episodes. it runs all week and will probably rerun for the next few months to come.
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[13 Jan 2005|06:03pm]

another color bar anyone? :)

title or description

evan farmer is love
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[12 Jan 2005|02:44pm]

Hi, I'm new to the community. I made a little wywo color bar so I thought I'd share it. I realize that not everyone is on it, but there are only 6 squares :)

If anyone would like to use it, feel free to. Just don't hotlink and comment/credit.

while you were out is love
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Newbie! [15 Dec 2004|07:58pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey Everyone!

New to the community, but not to the show!

I love Evan Farmer, and the entire show. My friend's hous recently got done by the show, and it'll be on in January!

I go by the name of Shorty, hope to see you all around!

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TLC related [09 Dec 2004|02:50am]

new community for fans of for better or for worse. if you love that show, please join! :)
if this is off topic let me know and i'll delete it.

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Tee hee [27 Nov 2004|09:27pm]

while you were out is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator
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Hey Guys! [21 Nov 2004|08:25pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Please join :


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[06 Nov 2004|11:11pm]

[ mood | excited ]

What are your thoughts on tonight's episode?

I thought it was incredibly touching! ;_; Loved the design, too! :D Great job, Nadia!

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new night and time.... [23 Oct 2004|09:14pm]

has anyone else been missing episodes because the show's been moved? i don't like the new night and time because i always forget to watch it. :(
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